My Services

My sessions utilize a combination of modalities that I have studied and have used to heal myself over the past 7 years.


Eating Psychology Coaching

We cannot be addicted to food because we need it to survive. Lets discuss your relationship with food and how it mirrors your emotional core beliefs. Many times we use food to punish ourselves or comfort ourselves. Our eating habits can be a substitute for unhealed relationships. What are you starved for? Or what are you trying so hard to fill that isn't being fulfilled? Are you eating so fast that you've finished an entire bag of something and didn't realize it? Can you slow down? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Issues carried down through our lineage show up in our cells, what is it that isn't resolved?



Ayurveda is the "Science of Life". By understanding this 5000 year old ancient science we can determine how your individual body, personality traits, and environment are related to your illnesses. We study your physical make up and "dis-ease" tendencies, as well as analyze how balanced you are in the 5 modaliites of 1) Sleep 2) Diet 3) Exercise 4) Elimination and 5) Detox. When we are balanced and happy, we are well!

Spiritual Counseling

Our culture tends to forget that spirituality is an important pillar requred to experience whole body balance. The updated Oxford Dictionary defintion of spirituality states: it is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. We discuss "why are you here", "are you listening to your gut", and more importantly "why are you not healing from conventional methods?"


Using a combination of Reiki and gentle relaxation techniques I am able to ecourage people to drop in to their parasympathetic nervous system. I help you train your boday to be able to get in to this relaxed state so that you can mentally over-ride your automatic anxious tendencies immediately.
By training your brain to become familiair with this feeling we can relieve pain, headaches, stress and more.

Cold Laser

 Rocky Mountain Alternative Health has invested in an ultra violet laser to stimulate ATP cell enhancement for faster healing from bodily injury. This service is offered complimentary in every session. (some offices charge $85.00/hr for this service alone.)

Neuroplastic Functional Training

The definition of Neuroplasticity is the "brain's ability to change itself based on mental intention". I will train you on the 4 different types of neurons in our brains.
By understanding the science of how our brains process information we can understand how to create new neural connections that can affect pain maps, triggers, paralysis, and other illnesses.

My Personal Specialties

Yolanda Del Hierro

Brain Integration / Holistic Healer

Susan has an insight into health that is very unique. With her knowledge she is able to address hidden troubling issues. She is very present with her clients and offers great lifestyle changes. I recommend her to everyone. Thank You Susan for the gifts you offer.

Linda Mook Oliver

Retired Airline Stewardess

Susan has a wonderful calming presence. She listens to what you have to say and shares with you her energy and passion for healing. I saw Susan with some neck and digestive issues. I had my first reiki session and Susan gave me a sample of some spices to sip daily, as a tea, to help my digestion. I must say not only does it taste good I am seeing results. And my neck has improved! I would highly recommend Susan. Thank you Susan!

Gabe Suarez


Your positive mind work outs completely changed my whole mindset while I was in incarcerated in solitude.  I can't thank you enough Susan, it means everything to see that you care and the fact that you reached out to me warms my heart.

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