What If You Could Feel Amazing?

Tune in to your own power to heal and uncover the mystery behind your physical and mental struggles.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient science of knowledge behind how we heal.  It is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world in existence for over 5000 years.  Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots – “ayus” (life) and ved (knowledge)- it offers a rich comprehensive outlook to a healthy balanced life.

Discover Your Own Potential

I use a unique combination of Ayurveda, Spiritual Counseling, Eating Psychology and Life Coaching to help you uncover the mystery behind your physical and mental struggles.

Ayuruveda Consultation

I feel Ayurveda is one of the most powerful sciences available to help us understand our own uniqueness. As a certified practitioner I will do a tongue and pulse analysis and look at your daily routine. This will help us determine your disease tendencies and how to incorporate methods in your daily life to help avoid them.

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Spiritual/Life Coaching

My philosophy is that "life happens", and we are each on our journey to live the best life we know how to live. But whether your life has endured obvious painful trauma or you've unknowingly created it for yourself, these issues manifest in our bodies.  Your physical symptoms can be relieved but the true healing is done when you settle in and really understand yourself and what you want on this journey.

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Health Coach

As we learn with Ayurveda that our bodies are each unique, we must also learn how to have awareness with our daily patterns. Our guts are as important to our well being as our brain, yet we don't treat them very well. We have forgotten our roots. That we need to pay attention to daily cycles for sleep, meditation, purification, diet, and exercise. Our thoughts create our reality. Awareness cures.

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“Susan has an insight into health that is very unique. With her knowledge she is able to address hidden troubling issues. She is very present with her clients and offers great lifestyle changes. I recommend her to everyone. Thank You Susan for the gifts you offer.”

Yolanda DelHierro

Our health discovery process

1. Discovery

Allow me to help you determine your dosha and how you interact with your environment.  I will provide you some insight in to how to start listening to your body for balanced healing. 

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2. Design

We will determine a balanced plan together through simple homework by focusing on improving your 5 areas of balanced health (sleep, meditation, purification, exercise and diet).  As well as what emotional and soul blocks need to be set free. 

3. Delight

Once you are empowered with a set of tools to understand your body, mind and soul better and how they work together through the science of Ayurveda, you will feel joy and energy return to your life. 

Feedback from Susan's Seminars:


Susan is really knowledgeable and explains concepts well.  She uses personal stories to illustrate the points she is making. - Diane

Great summary of information - makes me excited to learn more.  So much good info! I love knowing the possibilities of not turning to medications when nature provides what we need!  - Julie

Your personal stories pull us all in,  You are SO knowledgeable! Keep doing this!  You have so much information and research to share.  Great stuff! - Stephanie

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