How I found Ayurveda & Balance

To the outside world I was a successful business woman of 27 years.  I made a six-figure income year after year in the corporate world and somehow managed to volunteer, attend every school function, coach soccer, stay in shape, cook healthy meals and have a variety of friends and hobbies.  I tried to join in with the countless others that made it look easy.  Yet, I never physically felt quite healthy, quite happy, or quite settled with my life despite the hefty quantity of self-health books, seminars, healing modalities, supplements, exercise programs, and you name it – that I embraced in the little spare time I had.  I just wanted to feel good and have energy.  I knew I had so much to be grateful for, I told myself this every day, so what was wrong with me?

I suffered from chronic insomnia, Esptein Barr Virus, depression, and adrenal fatigue.  I could not find anyone in the allopathic or holistic fields that could help me.  All my tests came back normal and I felt like I had tried everything.  I would go weeks with only a few hours of sleep while managing 18 people and hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage loans.  I couldn’t think, and I thought I would literally rather die than go on feeling like a zombie insomniac ambien addicted corporate mother of two.

I finally found some relief through Ayurveda and it’s scientific healing principles.  The science of Ayurveda gives you huge insight and power by giving you tools to understand your body and your health, your whole person – body, mind, and soul.  Like learning your ABC’s, I feel like Ayurveda creates a foundation for understanding healthy living long term.

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