Discover your own potential to enable healing in all areas of your life

I use a unique combination of Ayurveda, Spiritual Counseling, Eating Psychology and Life Coaching to help you uncover the mystery behind your physical and mental struggles.  I feel that the combination of all of these modalities was and still is the key to helping me empower myself to feel healthy.  I am wanting to share this knowledge with those that are also struggling with so many of our mysterious ailments these days.  I personally have struggled with chronic insomnia, thyroid and adrenal fatigue issues, Mono -Epstien Barr,  Anxiety/Depression, toxicity from bacteria and heavy metals, and body image.  


Balance is the Key

Finding a balance and maintaining it is crucial to personal health - these three pillars are all very important to a happy life.  Tackling these three pillars is not for sissies.  I would match it against any cross fit routine, college degree, or broken heart.  It takes courage and committment to address our true inner selves and practice, research and work to self diagnosis the depths of our own perfect health.  Many times the level of the misery ignites the drive to the solution.